About Us

American Brother Designs, LLC is housed in a 30,000 square foot CNC machining, manufacturing and finishing facility in Carson City, Nevada. We take pride as a company in designing and offering the auto accessory industry’s largest variety of billet finishes. While we still offer the chrome and powder coat finishes which are popular in the market, ABD separates itself from the field by offering color-matched products in virtually every OEM color to match your vehicle. Our ability to hydro-dip patterns like camouflage and carbon fiber in addition to a variety of engraving choices and line-graining options, gives you the ability to truly customize your ride. We maintain direct control of our product line from raw bar stock to glamorous finished show piece, enabling us to firmly stand behind our product. Our attention to detail does not end with our product offering. We work equally hard at providing elite customer satisfaction and service. We look forward to making your vehicle more impressive and impressing you in the process.